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Screw Conveyor Manufacturer

screw conveyor manufacturer in ahmedabad

– It can be set up as screw feeders to control the flow of material in processing operations which depend upon accurate batching.

– Screw conveyor can be made out of materials such as M.S & S.S.

– Screw conveyor technology is the advanced conveyor technology for the universal variety of material particle, mass quantity, and movement qualities.

– Best Screw conveyor Machine Manufacturer in GUJARAT – INDIA.


Dust-free in operation:
The screw conveyor is entirely sealed process air isn’t used as a conveying mechanism, there’s no chance of dust contamination or moisture from the environment, In extension, the carriage of dust can affect not only airborne contamination of other goods, but can more pose a warning to the effective environment.

Gentle handling of product:
The rotating screw, being centralized inside the conveying machine, smoothly moves the stuff without diminishing it. It’s different action also eliminates the risk of various product division.

screw conveyor manufacturer in ahmedabad

Industrial Screw Conveyor uses a mechanism that makes use of a helical screw blade to move liquid or granular materials. Having a robust construction and huge load carrying capacity, these conveyors are manufactured using advanced and latest technology machines so as to offer precise dimensions and high efficiency. Our clients can avail industrial screw conveyor at industry leading rates.

Screw conveyor


screw conveyor or auger conveyor is a kind of machine which uses the motor to drive the screw rotation and transport the materials.

It can transport the materials horizontally,inclined or vertically, with the merits of simple structure, reliable sealing, simple operation, easy maintenance and close-formed transportation .


Screw conveyors are generally divided into two types: shaft and shaftless.

Shaft screw conveyor is suitable for non-stick dry powder materials, and small particle materials (e.g. cement, fly ash, lime, food, etc). It consists of screw, U-shaped trough, cover plate, feed inlet and outlet and driving device.

Shaftless screw conveyor replaces the screw with the shaftless screw, and the U groove is equipped with simple replaceable liner. It is suitable for transporting viscous and easily wrap materials (e.g. sludge, garbage, etc).

Work characteristics

  1. Safe and reliable with large carrying capacity.
  2. Well-adapted, easy to install and maintain with long service life.
  3. Small in size, and high in speed to ensure fast and uniform delivery.
  4. The shell of the conveyor adopts the high quality seamless steel tube, to connect with each other by flange as a whole.

Product characteristics

  1. The screw is designed with minor diameter, high speed, and variable pitch to ensure that the materials are loaded in a smooth, fast, and uniform way during the working process.
  2. The shell of the conveyor adopts the high quality seamless steel tube to connect with each other by flange as a whole. With good overall rigidity, the materials are continuously transported horizontally or aslant.
  3. Lubricative with the reliable sealing and no leakage. Material waste is avoided and a good working environment is ensured.
  4. The feed inlet and outlet adopt the connective method of cardan joint, cloth bag, and flange.
  5. Advanced and reasonable design, combined with advanced manufacturing technology and perfect quality assurance system, creates the remarkable advantages of small volume, large load torque, low noise and no leakage.

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