Emulsifier Tank

Emulsification Tank

emulsification tank

High speed shearing emulsification tank is one of the most advanced mixing equipment in India presently, which is widely used in dairy, beverage and other liquid food industry. It absorbed foreign advanced technology, and with specialstirrer structure, unique mixing and emulsification function.


Application Fields:

It can be used in emulsion reagent, paint, dye, paper, pesticide etc. chemical and light industry, which can fastmixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, crushing, suspending and dissolving liquid-liquid, liquid-solid product.

emulsifier Tank

Equipment characteristics

Technical parameters

The stirrer is composed of joint rotor and stator two parts, rotor high speed revolution, stator fixed. When high speed emulsifier working, it throwing rotor surrounding product at high speed to stator, and through stator tooth interval, to emulsify, collide and crush between rotor and stator, thus to realize high speed emulsification. This equipment has many functions like mixing, emulsification, homogenization, dissolving and crushing etc.

Easy and flexible operation, three structure: single layer, double layer with insulation, three layer.


emulsifier tank application


Effective volume(L)

 Inner diameter(mm)

Total height(mm)


Motor power(KW)

 Emulsifier rotary speed(r/m)
































Product Description:

Single-layer emulsification tank use the high-speed homogenizer to mix and emulsify the medium in the tank, emulsification, single-layer emulsification tank has the advantages of easy to operate, simple structure, single-layer emulsifying tank outlet according to customer requirements can be customized into the cone bottom (convenient discharging) or flat bottom structure.

Working Principle:

Single-layer emulsion tank in the operation, the homogenizer head high-speed rotating, resulting in a strong suction, material sucked into the working head, and then thrown to the stator, jetting through the gap of the stator teeth, while the anti-vortex baffle at the bottom transform the rotating force into up and down force, through this repeated action to mix materials evenly, prevent the powder material from accumulating on the liquid surface, and finally to achieve the purpose of emulsification and homogeneous. The production process of the material is done in a closed condition, safe and hygienic.


1) Emulsification tank adopts sanitary and aseptic design;

2) On-line CIP cleaning and on-line SIP sterilization function;

3) Structural design is very user-friendly, simple operation, easy maintenance, no seal leakage and sanitary;

4) Appropriate diameter height ratio, energy saving, fast mixing of materials, high efficiency of emulsification and homogenization;

5) Smooth operation, low noise;

6) The inner tank surface mirror polished, the inlet and outlet, sight glass, manholes such as opening and inner tank welding adopts flanging arc transition, smooth and easy to clean without dead ends, to ensure the reliability and stability of the production process, in line with GMP and other regulatory requirements;

7) Can be equipped with temperature display control and external liquidometer.


Food Industry: Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cheese, Soft Drink, Fruit Jelly, Ketchup, Oil, Syrup, Chocolate etc.

Daily Chemicals: Facial Foam, Hair Gel, Hair Dyes, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Shoe Polish, Cosmetics etc.

Pharmacy: Nutrition Liquid, Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, Medicine Grease, Biological Products etc.